Multi-Site Programmers

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The Concurrent Programming System ® is a proprietary BPM Microsystems technology that offers faster, cleaner, more efficient programming. Originally developed for the 2000 series of multi-site manual production programmers, it is also used in the 3000 and 4000 series multi-site automated programmers.

Unlike gang programmers, the Concurrent Programming System uses a fault-tolerant, bus architecture that allows each site to operate independently. Programming starts as soon as a device is inserted and passes a stringent continuity test. Before the last device is loaded, the first device is programmed and ready for removal. Production downtime is minimized as the programming cycle is kept in motion. Should one site fail, the system's architecture allows production to continue on the remaining sites.

System Comparison

2800 Intro

240 pin capability

Number of sockets: 4

The model 2800 combines the unrivaled speed of Flashstream Vector Engine Co-Processor® technology with 8th Generation universal support.

By using the latest 64-bit architecture and 16 GB of onboard memory, we’re able to push programming beyond the 4 GB data density limit in support of Flash Memory, plus add support for Microcontrollers and more!

Flashstream intro

240 pin capability

Number of sockets: 4x4

The Flashstream™ Flash Vector Programming System is the fastest flash memory programmer on the market today designed specifically to program NAND and NOR flash memory devices at amazing rates of speed. For example, the Samsung 512Mb OneNAND KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 programs at 12 times faster than current flash programmer technology.

2610 intro

240 pin capability

Number of sockets: 6

The 2610 Concurrent Programming System is the industry standard for flexibility, device support and speed. The 2610 is a universal production programmer that can program a 64Mb in an incredibly fast 15s* and is ideal for today's highest density devices. USB 2.0 bus for faster communication speeds and greater reliability.

2710 intro

240 pin capability

Number of sockets: 24

The 2710 Concurrent Programming System® is the industry standard for programming throughput and speed, device support and high uptime. It combines the industry's fastest programming technology, 0.24s/Mb, BPM Micro's new FX4™ socket modules and our Concurrent Programming System®. Capability of programming devices with densities up to 4 Gbits. USB 2.0 standard bus for communications.
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