BPM 4900

Programming Devices With Densities Up To 4 Gbits

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The 4710 is designed specifically for today's highest density devices and their longer programming times, making it the fastest at programming Flash, while still offering the versatility to program Microcontrollers, FPGAs, PLDs and all other device types.

By taking advantage of the proven 7th generation technology, we have improved the site hardware to allow us the capability of programming devices with densities up to 4 Gbits. In addition, we have incorporated the industry’s widely accepted high-speed USB 2.0 standard bus for communications.

By combining the industry's fastest universal programming technology, 64Mb in 15s*, and BPM Micro's FX4 socket modules, which can program up to four devices simultaneously, the 4710 can program up to 44 devices at the same time resulting in four times the throughput.

4710 Key Features

  • Supports device densities up to 4 Gbits
  • Uses USB 2.0 communications bus
  • Programs at an unsurpassed 0.24s/Mb*
  • Very low voltage support to 1.5V (Vdd)
  • On-the-fly vision centering
  • Programs up to 1400 devices per hour
  • Most successful line of fine-pitch, automated programming systems
  • Input/output: tubes, trays or tape
  • Laser marking: serial + date code
  • Package: from DIP to µBGA, Programs Flash memories, FPGAs, antifuse FPGA, PLDs, and Microcontrollers, including MCU’s with embedded Flash memory

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