BPM Socket Modules

More than 2,500 to choose from

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Click on the pdf-icon above for an overview of BPM Microsystems programming systems and socket module types.

To see if your device is supported and which socket module type matches your reuqirements, follow the process below.

1. What type of socket module?

There are six major types of socket modules. Below you will find a short description of each type.

Standard (SMxxx, ASMxxx)

Available for every model.

Info about the Adaptive socket module here.


FX (FXSMxxx, FXASMxxx)

Improved programming speed. Ideal for flash.

Models: all BPMx6xx, x7xx and BPM Helix.


2. Is your device supported?

To find out if your device is supported - do a device search.

Yes, it is supported!
  • Do you have the socket module already?
    In which BPWin software version was your device supported? If you are running an older version - download the latest BPWin version.
  • If you don't have it and you are interested in a quote, please send us an e-mail specifying the device and socket module name.

No, it is not supported!
You need to make a device request.

FX4 (FX4SMxxx, FX4ASMxxx)

Program four devices simultaneously per site.

Models: all BPMx710 and BPM Helix.


HV (HVxxx)

Designed for High Volume users. Typically 50 000 insertions.

Models: X600 and X700.

HIC (HICxxx)

The HIC (High Insertion Count) socket cards guarantee 100 000 insertions!

FVE (FVExxx)

FVE socket cards are specifically designed for the 2800 series of programmers.

Models: 2800F and 3000FS.

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