Platform for Software Debug & Trace

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SourcePoint™ (formerly an Arium product) is a platform of debug and trace tools for C/C++ embedded software and firmware for either Intel® or ARM® systems. This robust environment features multiple views into code execution so that bugs are found fast and problems resolved quickly. Learn more about the value of Software Debug, Hardware Validation and Chip Debug.


The SourcePoint platform is supported by a variety of controllers and accessories.

SourcePoint for ARM

Multi-view debug and trace tools for multi-core, multi-threaded ARM SoC software. In tandem with Coresight’s trace macrocells, SourcePoint quickly identifies root causes of bugs.


SourcePoint for Intel

Powerful debugger for complex multiprocessor software on the latest Intel® processors. By working with Intel® Processor Trace and Trace Hub, SourcePoint finds bugs fast, slashing debug time.


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