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SourcePoint™ from ASSET® InterTech, the leading supplier of software and hardware debug, trace, validation and test tools, is the first debug platform to provide real insight from Intel® Trace Hub to debug the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) that initializes system hardware and software.

Only SourcePoint can tap into both hardware and software sources of trace information to show engineers the exact code execution flow and system message execution information.

SourcePoint extracts information from hardware sources, including Intel Processor Trace (PT), and instrumented software to debug C code written for UEFI, the replacement for BIOS boot code. Debugging the system’s initialization process can be very time consuming due to the sheer volume of code and the interaction of that code – software-to-software and software-to-hardware – in the system.

Larry Osborn, ASSET’s SourcePoint product manager says, "SourcePoint, with Trace Hub, is able to capture potentially seconds worth of code execution – an eternity in the boot process – as well as the associated data traffic and then present this information in a human-understandable form in its trace viewer. Until SourcePoint, no other debugger has been able to do this.”

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