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Tools for Electronic Professionals

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ISS headoffice in stockholm

ISS Group provides professionals with Tools to Design, Test and Manufacture Electronics. We are situated in Stockholm, Sweden, serving a home base of the hi-tech companies of Scandinavia. The ISS Group ship and support products throughout the entire EU market and works closely with our customers manufacturing sites throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Electronics knows no boundaries!

Tools for Electronic Professionals
In the complex world of electronics, it is still all about the People. Skilled engineers constantly change with new technologies and business growth. At ISS the staff have extensive backgrounds in the areas that we serve. We understand it is not enough to just sell tools- professional users require professional support! We therefore continuesly work with selected vendors to update our product portfolio and train ourselves to support our customers to get the job done. Friendly is a key word for us - computers don't need it, but people do!

The lifecycle of a product
Electronic tools comes in many shapes and forms. From System Design software to built-in Test Technologies. From manufacturing Test Stations to all kinds of LAB instruments and equipment. This is our key strength as a company: we cater to the needs of engineers and managers throughout the entire product organisation. The simple fact is that changes in technology and methodology always affects the entire chain. Sometimes we actually find ourselves serving as a communication channel, a cathalyst if you will, between the different groups. For us designers, test engineers and the production people are equally important when introducing new tools and technologies!

Open company, open platform:
We have a clear and outspoken intent to add Value to our customer base. Value in providing the latest and greatest of new technologies and tools from all over the world. Value in sharing technology breakthroughs. Value in keeping updated reference information readily available...whatever the electronic community needs! We have therefore shaped the website to work as an open electronic platform to better serve our customer base and the electronic community in general. It will, over time as it growths, become a goldmine of reference material, technology studies, training kits, documents, books and other updated information such as news, blogs, scheduled trade shows, seminars and much more. And yes, we also have an online webshop - the LAB eShop - to deliver all the smaller tools needed, available for shipping all across the EU market.

We are open for input to extend and expand the platform. It is not only wanted- it is actually needed in order to keep us providing value and develop new functions! Suggestions anyone?

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