Universal, Production In-System Programmer

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  • Universal - Supports multiple device manufacturers
  • Fast - Reduced programming time means reduced production costs
  • Flexible - Can be applied to any programming configuration
  • Reliable - Features ensuring data integrity and uninterrupted production flow

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FlashRunner products:

FlashRunner Quatro

4 Fully Parallel ISP Programmer

  • Extremely fast programming
  • Standalone operations
  • Compact and robust design

FlashRunner I Series

Universal and fully upgradeable

Available Models:
  • FR01ENG - Programming engine
  • FR01M01 - 8-site matrix
  • FR01LAN - Programming engine (LAN)
  • FR01PRO - Rackmount/Desktop
  • FR01AT0 - For ATE integration

FlashRunner II Series


Includes all Programming Algorithms available for a Chosen Silicon Manufacturer.

Some of them are: Atmel, Freescale, Microship, NEC, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Texas Intruments...

FlashRunner III Series


FlashRunner III supports a Silicon Manufacturer of your choice.

FlashRunner Documents

Find lots of FlashRunner information

  • Brochures
  • User's manuals
  • Device support
  • Comparison tables
  • Application notes and much more...

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