Fast NAND/NOR Flash Programming

Blazing-Fast Program and Verify

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The new Flashstream™ Flash Vector Programming System is the fastest flash memory programmer on the market today designed specifically to program NAND and NOR flash memory devices at amazing rates of speed.
Blazing Fast Programming Speeds!

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The new Flashstream™ Vector Programming System is the fastest dedicated flash programmer on the market today. It's designed specifically to program NAND and NOR flash memory devices at amazing rates of speed. Designed for high-density flash, the Flashstream programs NAND and NOR memory up to 32 Gb(gigabit) and has upgradeable RAM for future densities.

This industry leading speed is due to the creation of a proprietary co-processor technology developed by BPM called Vector Engine. This technology uses a proprietary co-processor design to hardware accelerate flash memory waveforms during the programming cycle. Faster speeds are achieved through synchronous operations that eliminate the dead times when the DUT waits on the programmer.


BPM has just released the first 160 devices that are supported by the Flashstream. Manufacturers include: Samsung, Intel, Spansion, Atmel, ST Micro, and many more. See the entire device support list.


The result is programming near the theoretical limits of the silicon design — the faster the device, the faster the device is programmed. For example the Samsung 512 Mb OneNAND™ KFG1216Q2A-DEB5 programs at 12 times faster than current flash programmer technology. The device was cycled through functions of erase, program, verify of a random full data pattern in an amazing 15.4 seconds while staying with in manufacturer specified programming requirements.

Flashstream Key Features

  • Supports high density NAND and NOR flash memory as well as EPROM's Serialization support on all sockets
  • 20ns verify with Vector Engine
  • Co-Processor technology
  • Can program up to a 32Gb memory device
  • High-speed USB 2.0 communication to PC host

Flashstream BASIC´s

and standard accessories
  • Power: 90-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 50W, external power supply with IEC inlet
  • Dimensions & Weight: Width 191mm x Height 114mm x Depth 260mm, 3.6 kg

  • Calibration socket card
  • Software on CD-ROM
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Power cable- 90-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 50W, ext p/s with IEC inlet
  • Data cable
  • 1-year hardware warranty
  • 1-year software support

Flashstream: NAND Flash

example of 512 Mb NAND Flash

Device: Samsung KFG1216U21A-DEB5

Model Verify Replay E/P/V Replay
BPM 2710 92.8 sec 194.0 sec
Flashstream 2.8 sec 15.4 sec
Improvement 33.1x 12.6x


Flashstream: NOR Flash

example of 256 Mb NOR Flash

Device: ST Micro M36L0R8060B0ZAQ

Model Verify Replay E/P/V Replay
BPM 2710 44.9 sec 198.8 sec
Flashstream 0.85 sec 54.1 sec
Improvement 52.8x 3.7x

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