ESL Methodology

ESL, ESL, what to do with all this ESL?

Emil Hillung

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The industry today are in the shift to ESL (Electronic System Level) design. The complexity of todays devices and the rising preasure of shorter design cycles and time to market are driving us towards this new methodology and usage of higher abstraction levels.

Today design teams often creates some system level model of the system or parts of it. These models could be used to evaluate algorithm performance and functionality, create behavioral models for software debug or as a golden model in their verification environment. But to fully take advantage of ESL, a methodology need to be adopted so that the work done at the system level can be reused trough the design cycle and not just become point activities of one designer or group.

On these pages you will find papers, reports and guides describing how to adopt and successfully implement a ESL flow.

Skapa cykelexakta modeller för

SW & HW verifiering
Att snabbt kunna tillhandahålla korrekta modeller av hårdvaran är nyckeln till ett effektivt högnivå flöde med samverifiering av mjuk och hårdvara. Dagens elektroniksystem är en kombination av avancerad hårdvara och stora mängder mjukvara.

Getting Practical with ESL!

Implementing a SoC's behavior and features have become difficult, making early exploration of system architectures a critical part of the design process. The system integration have become as significant as the implementation of new design components in creating a successful SoC...

Functional verification with

We have studied the use of a single language, SystemC, which covers the whole ESL design flow. It’s adapted for design and verification in high level abstraction flows. SystemC is a strong candidate to become one, if not the, native language for design and verification of designs within the next 10 year time period...

Formell verifiering

ett måste för ESL
I dag används ett stort antal block i SoC med en prestanda som närmar sig en miljard operationer per sekund. Samtidigt skärps teknologi ramarna och kvalitet kraven. Emil Hillung belyser här användandet av formell verifiering för att möjliggöra integration, implementering och verifiering på ESL-nivå.
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