BPM 2710

Universal Multi-Site Programmer

The 2710 Concurrent Programming System® combines the industry's fastest programming technology, 0.24s/Mb, BPM Micro's new FX4™ socket modules and our Concurrent Programming System®. This powerful combination, unmatched in the industry, means higher throughput, reduced cost per device and faster turnarounds.

We have improved the site hardware to allow for programming devices with densities up to 4 Gbits. In addition, we have incorporated the industry’s widely accepted high-speed USB 2.0 standard bus for communications.

The 2710 is designed specifically for today's highest density devices and their longer programming times, including Flash. It features the industry's fastest programming technology that programs a 64Mb device in just 15s*. The 2710 also uses BPM Micro's new FX4™ socket modules. FX4™ socket modules program up to four devices simultaneously per site.

2710 Key Features

  • Supports over 24,000 devices down to 1.5V (Vdd)
  • EPROM, EEPROM, Flash EPROM, Microcontrollers, PLD, CPLD, FPGA and antifuse FPGAs
  • Supports device densities up to 4 Gbits
  • FX4™ socket modules include 3 separate LED’s per socket and allow the 2710 to program up to 24 devices simultaneously on a 6-site model
  • Patented solution to guard against passing blank parts
  • Uses USB 2.0 communications bus