IQ CopyStation

Worlds Fastest Flash Memory Duplication

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The new Portable and stand-alone IQ CopyStation

High-Speed duplication of memory media images at the next generation.

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  • High speed copying with more than 2000 MB/s; limiting factor now and in the future will be the memory media's transfer rates

  • Standard parallel copying mode oder new innovative Copying On Insertion technology; an inserted storage media initiates this copy process automatically.

  • Primary designed as stand alone system; allows autarkic image copies from inserted master memory media on currently 20 slots for memory media.

  • Secondary host based operating mode via USB 2.0.

  • New innovative operational concept; users only need a very short time to familiarize themselves with IQ Copystation which leads to high productivity.

  • Rugged and compact metal case with multi-line LCD display as well as status LED's next to every memory media slot to inform about status of the individual operation process.

  • QI-PowerSoftware for host based operating mode; the newest in-house developed copy software with the >>look & feel<< of altec CopyStation software.

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