High-Speed CopyStation for most flash memory types

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High-Speed Copystation Edition 1000

High-Speed CopyStation Edition 1000 for for CompactFlash, microSD, miniSD & miniSDHC, SD & SDHC Card & MMC, RS-MMC, OTP SD/MMC, Memory Stick Micro M2, Memory Stick PRO Duo or Memory Stick PRO

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  • Modular designed with exchangeable CardBoxes
  • Ultra fast duplication of content with approx. 75 MBytes/sec
  • Unique Edition 1000 software options "Short Image Files" and "File Copy" for free

With the modular High-Speed CopyStation data images of several flash memory cards can be copied in parallel and in high speed.

This system consisting of a pre-configured PC containing a 5.25" drive with removable CardBoxes is unique worldwide. Every CardBox can hold up to 20 memory cards. The range of available CardBoxes consists of 9 models for 12 different memory card types.

Product features
Internal copying module with standard 5.25" chassis and IDE interface. Supplied as a complete system consisting of one Dell Business PC, one drive, keyboard and mouse; runs under Windows XP Professional.

CardBoxes are available for various types of mobile memory media, such as:

  • CompactFlash Card
  • microSD or TransFlash
  • miniSD & miniSDHC
  • SD & SDHC Card or MultiMediaCard
  • RS-MMC
  • OTP SD/MMC and normal SD & SDHC Card, MMC
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Memory Stick PRO

Buy CardBoxes for your CopyStation here.

OTP CardBoxes for programming voltages of up to 3.7 Volt or up to 12 Volt. OTP CardBoxes can also be used for normal SD/MMC cards. An additional software license is required for programming OTP cards.

Separate controller for each card slot allows parallel processing of copy commands for very high performance. High-speed image copies allows copying of 20 SD Cards or MultiMedia Cards with 512 MB in approx. 6 minutes.

Optional software interface is available for data exchange with external applications to allow customization of individual cards, e.g. serialization or data encryption, parallel verification and for creating and copying smaller image files.

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