Robo Copy M1

Automated high-speed duplication of mobile memory

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RoboCopy M1 Automated CopyMachine

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Due to the very high throughput which can be achieved, the Robo CopyStation opens up completely new possibilities for distributing software, games and music for mobile phones, PDAs and mobile gaming consoles.

Product features
Portal robot for automatic handling of memory cards; fitted with contact pads for 20 memory cards. The contact pads are connected to a built-in copying unit; the CopyStation is operated using a touch screen which is mounted on a swivel arm.

Separate controller for each contact pad allows parallel processing of copy commands for very high performance with memory media: SD Card and MultiMediaCar. The M1 uses High-speed image copy technology that alows it to copy 20 SD Cards with 64 MB in less than 1.5 minutes or 20 SD Cards with 512 MB in less than 5 minutes.

The handling system is based on Bosch Rexroth automation modules; the drive system uses linear motors and toothed belts; the vacuum is provided by an ejector system. Optional software interface for data exchange with external applications to allow customization of individual cards, e.g. with serial number or data encryption.

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