BPM Microsystems 3800MK2 Automated system

Re-Inventing Automated Device Programming


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Intelligently Designed to Handle Whatever Comes Next. The 3800MK2 is a One-pitch automated device programmer reinvented for superior quality and capability. With 8th Generation universal device support the 3800MK2 delivers the world’s fastest programming performance. Now featuring upward and downward vision for improved setup and placement accuracy, the machine also offers enhanced ergonomics and improved input/output configurability to maximize uptime. The 3800MK2 is capable of producing millions of devices per year, supporting the widest range of programmable devices to deliver the lowest programming cost per unit.

BPM Microsystems' presence in the global market continues to strengthen with recent sales of its model’s 4800 and 3800 in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. While competitors are reducing staff, BPM Microsystems is increasing personnel to meet the growing needs of its customers.

The 3800MK2 platform features improved ergonomics for easy access to the programming sites and ESD dissipative surfaces to protect against electrostatic damage. The system also provides Flexible options for input and output media with choices of tape, tray and tube, including a sidemount tape output option. This highly configurable design allows the machine to utilize all input/output media on a small footprint, thereby reducing changeover time and optimizing productivity.

The 3800MK2 programs all devices types including microcontrollers, managed NAND, Flash memory, E/EPROM, PLDs and more, including device densities up to an 8 Eb theoretical limit. It also supports a wide range of packages from the largest QFP to the smallest CSP. Applications for Very Small Package (VSP) devices are accelerating. The system can process the smallest programmable VSP devices available today and is engineered to support future devices as small as 1mm x 0.5mm (0402). The 3800MK2 can handle your next critical project.